Inbound phonenumbers

An inbound phone number can now be used for multiple campaigns.

PBX server optimization

It is now possible the finish and save a lead even though connection to the phoneserver has been lost.

It is now also possible for admins to search and enter a lead without having connection to the phoneserver.


Problem with white-noise in our new dialer has now been solved.

Fix amount of unanswered calls

The amount of unanswered the calls that are shown in the user statistics now only counts calls for the given user.

Design changes

We have updated the design on the dialer overview page and the redials page.

Progressive settings

A progressive campaign now needs a minimum of 8 seconds dialtime. We still recommend 18 seconds.

Recording in the activity log

Voice recordings are now shown in the activity log of the lead even if the agent has not given the lead a status.

Edit on a meeting

If you edit a lead that has a meeting that is in the future the meeting will always be updated if it has not received a status.

NEW FEATURE! - Adversus Timeline

We have just launched a new and updated version of our user efficiency module which is now called Adversus Timeline.

Leads can't be deleted via API from leadpools

Leads can no longer be deleted via the API from leadpool uploads.